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About AusOcean

Healthy oceans are vital to our future. Oceans harbour beautiful wildlife, provide a bounty of food, regulate the global climate, and provide many other benefits, such as transportation and recreation. Yet, considering the fact that they cover 71% of our planet's surface, our knowledge of the oceans and marine ecosystems is still surprisingly sparse. We need to change this.

AusOcean's mission is to help our oceans through technology. We design, build and deploy ocean technology, including networked sea surface platforms, known as “rigs”, as well as custom sensors (e.g., underwater cameras, hydrophones, environmental sensors, etc.). Data is transmitted straight to the “cloud”, where it is stored, analyzed and shared. Our goal is to transform the way in which ocean data is collected and communicated. We are Australia’s only not-for-profit ocean research organisation that focuses on open source ocean technology.

AusOcean was founded by Alan Noble in 2017. Alan is an electrical and electronics engineer by training who has spent his entire career working with computers and software technology, having lived and worked on several continents and founded software companies in Silicon Valley and Australia. He is passionate about our oceans and spends every available moment in or on the water. Alan's goal in founding AusOcean is to develop and apply technology for the good of our oceans.

Alan Noble

He is an Adjunct Professor in Computer Science at The University of Adelaide, a Fellow of Engineers Australia and a director of the South Australian Museum. Previously he was head of engineering for Google Australia for 11 years and served on several national advisory boards, including advising the Chief Scientist of Australia, the Australian Information Commissioner and the Government 2.0 Taskforce, contributing to the Engage Report. He was also a founder of StartupAUS and a contributor to the Australian Entrepreneurs Guide.

Through Network Blue, our aim is to create a global network of marine monitoring stations, built by students, that will enhance our ability to monitor the oceans in real-time. There are a plethora of opportunities that expose students from a diverse range of backgrounds to different aspects of science and technology. Everything from construction, deployment and monitoring of their sea surface platform or “rig” is undertaken by students. Non-technical learning opportunities range from outdoor education, water sports, community engagement, collaborating with and recruiting other schools, fundraising, entrepreneurship, and more. Network Blue differs from other school programs in that the approach is very much solution based with the benefits extending far beyond the classroom.

Meet the team:

AusOcean team

Left to right: Alex, Russell, Trek, Alan, Catherine, McKenzie, Saxon.

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